Wisdom Tool Kit For Daily Living (Day 1)

(A Round The Year Daily Devotional)

Day 1

Praise the Lord

Text: Psalm 150:6

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Praise the Lord!”


A 78-year-old man collapsed and was rushed to hospital.  He was given oxygen to support him for 24 hours.  After a while, he was better.  So, the doctor gave him his bill of N500,000, and when he saw the bill, he started crying. 

The doctor told him not to cry because of the bill.  But the man said, “I’m not crying because of money, I can pay all the money, I’m crying because for only 24 hours of oxygen use, I have to pay N500,000, but  I have been breathing the air of God for 78 years, I never pay anything, do you know how much I owe him?

“The doctor lowered his head and burst into tears”

Now, to you reading this, you breathe air free from God without any price to pay for years!

Stop complaining of what you don’t have and thank God for what you have, even those things that you don’t deserve.

Stop complaining of what you said God has not done and prayers He has not answered in spite of your alleged rigorous prayers. Instead thank God for known and unknown things that He has done including those you don’t justly deserve.

Thank God for prayers answered and for answered to prayers others made on your behalf, over-answered prayers and the answers you received out of His loving-kindness, mercies, compassion and benevolence.

Please take time now and prayerfully thank God for the free services in your life.


Praise God.

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